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CATV RF Coaxial Cable

Inner conductor is high quality bare copper (CU)/copper clad steel (CCS), Dielectric is Foam PE, bonded aluminum foil,  65% / 87% / 97% CU/AL braid,PVC jacket.

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Surveillance Cable

Used mainly in security surveillance area where the distance is larger, due to which the losses are high. It provides low attenuation and low losses.

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Telephone pair Cables

For Telephone Communication, Fax Machine Connection, Door Bell Application, Alarm Machine, Other Voice and Signal Transmission Machine.

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UTP Cable

Rated temperature : 60° C, 75°C, PE Insulation, Twisted pairs cabled together, PVC or LSZH Jacket, suitable for horizontal Wiring.

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STP Cable

4P + Mylar + AL + B, 60°C or 75°C, Conductor: 26AWG or 24 AWG Stranding or Solid Bare copper, HD-PE, AL – Mylar 100% (min) Coverage area.

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HFFR/LSZH Flexible cable

Wiring in all installations where fire safety is of utmost importance like shools, theaters, commercial complexes, apartments etc.

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Ratansiri Communications Pvt.Ltd. since its inception in the year 1997,producing cables is going to prove its potential in market  as proven pioneering force in India for the application of Multiple utilities like Cables for Voice, Video, Data Communications, Control, Instrumentation, Flexible Wiring, Computer Cables, CATV, Security Application, Electronic and telecommunication utilities and Other custom based Cables. The Promoters of the company are well experienced in cable manufacturing field. Their Entrepreneurial efforts and dedication to their work has put their name in CATV Co-axial Cable field as a leading Introducer of many technologies in Indian market.


Latest Trade Offers

Coaxial Cables

Ratansiri is one of the leading Coaxial Cable Manufacturers from India. Our wide range of Cables and Wires including Digital coaxial cable, Industrial Braided Cables, Fiber Optic Cable, Twisted Pair Cables, Twin Satellite Wire, etc. is designed in compliance with the industry defined norms of quality. Our Digital Coaxial Cables and other Coaxial Cables variants are high in demand. Consequently, we have emerged as one of the prominent Coaxial Cables Wholesalers, Coaxial Cables Suppliers and Coaxial Cables Exporters in India.

House Wiring Cables

Ratansiri  is a Domestic Cable Manufacturer providing such high-quality House Wiring Cables that consultants, architects and builders never worry about. We are one of the most recommended Electrical Building Wire Manufacturers and our House Wiring Cables and Electrical Building Wires are used by professionals who want the best both inside of India and throughout the world.

Submersible Cables

We are one of the most sought-after Submersible Cable Manufacturers. The PVC Insulated & Sheathed 3 core flat submersible cables that we deal in are ideal for usage in submersible pumps in deep wells for irrigation (Direct Burial), drinking water supply, industries, mines, fountains. Our company is the manufacturer of a wide range of Submersible Flat Cables that are designed as per ISI 694:1990.

Lan Cables

We are one of the well-reckoned LAN Cable Manufacturers and Supplier in India. The assorted range of LAN Cables, Signalling Cables, Structural Cables, etc. that we provide is designed by the experienced professionals having vast industry experience. These Data Cables are cables that lead from your computer to your GPS device. These Cables tend to use the newer USB or the older serial protocol.

XLPE Cables

We are one of the prominent XLPE Cables Manufacturers in India. Our sole Objective is to provide the best XLPE Cable, Cross Linked Polyethene Cables, Insulated Armoured Power Cables, XLPE SWA PVC Cables, Underground High Voltage Cable, Industrial XLPE unarmored Cables, Electrical Specification Wires, etc. to the buyers. What’s more, all our Cables are economically priced too. As a result, we have garnered repute amid the prominent XLPE Cables Suppliers in India.

PVC Cables

We are positioned amongst the prominent PVC Wires Manufactures in India. The PVC Cables as well as PVC Insulated Cables that we provide are designed and manufacturers by the experts. All our PVC Cables conform to the requisite norms of the industry. Furthermore, PVC Insulated Cables are manufactured with Aluminum and Copper conductors confirming to Indian Standards and to International Standards like BS, IEC, etc. Besides, our PVC Cables are approved by leading companies.